General Elections Dashboard

This resource is a project of the Washington Community Alliance Data Hub, developed to increase accessibility and clarity of election results. All data are publicly available from the website of Washington's Secretary of State.

This resource was developed by Tim O'Neal, PhD, Senior Research Analyst at WCA, and shapefiles and precinct descriptions were created, maintained, and provided by Ben Anderstone of Progressive Strategies NW. If you enjoy this resource, please consider donating today to support the work we do to make election data as accessible as possible.

Last updated at 3:20pm on Feb 26th, 2024


This dashboard includes election results from 2012-2023, with options to view results at multiple levels. To get started, choose (1) the election cycle you're interested in, (2) the position you would like to explore, and (3) the level you would like to see results shown for. While data is visualized, you can click on any boundary to see a popup of results. Boundaries are colored by party preference of the candidate who won that area, with all parties other than "Democratic" or "Republican" grouped together as "Independent" (partisan races) or "None" (non-partisan races) for simplicity.

Data on voter turnout is visualized relative to the statewide average for that year, with deeper greens indicating greater-than-average turnout and deeper purples indicating lower-than-average turnout.

Mobile users: clicking on the orange button in the upper-left will collapse/expand the menu bar.