Washington Primary Dashboard

This resource is a project of the Washington Community Alliance Data Hub, developed to increase accessibility and clarity of election results. All data included in this resource is publicly available from the Secretary of State. Data may not be complete due to discrepancies in reporting from individual counties and/or availability of individual shapefiles.

To get started, choose a position, then select a layer for visualization. Once data is displayed, click on any layer to see a popup of results. Layers are colored by overall candidate ranking and vote margin (the vote difference between 1st and 2nd place candidates).

If you enjoy this resource, donate today to support the work we're doing to make data and research as accessible as possible. This new dashboard was developed fully in-house by Senior Research Analyst Tim O'Neal, PhD. Shapefiles and enhanced precinct data were created, maintained, and provided by Ben Anderstone of Progressive Strategies NW. Thank you for your support, and please reach out with any questions or feedback.

Last updated at 6:30 PM on August 16th, 2023